About Us

At the end of August 2017, after one false start and way more work than we ever imagined, my husband and I left Nashville and headed north in our new RV.

We told people we would be gone a year, but that was just a wild guess.  At that point, the trip could have lasted a month or forever and I wasn’t going to place bets on either option. I thought I would enjoy it and was definitely ready for something new but dreaming about something and actually doing it are two different things.

In 2012, I started an organizing business and it was fun and I met a ton of amazing people, but I needed a new challenge. Since I’ve only been camping twice and have never gone anywhere in an RV, this seemed to qualify.

I’m not sure where this whole adventure will take us.  We were going to head west first and then do the east coast in the spring but one of our daughters had a crisis, so we went east first instead.  (My husband’s main goal when this started was to get to 49 states in a year.  Now I’m wondering if maybe we should slow down and spend more time in each state.  We literally stopped in New Jersey to get gas and that was it but, by golly, we plopped that state’s sticker on the map on the back of our RV.  Another one bites the dust!) 😊

I want to work from the road but four months in all I’ve done is this personal blog and, recently a second blog aimed at helping full-time RVers get organized.  (It’s at OrganizedKamper.com if you are dying to take a peek!)

Some people think that living full-time in an RV is one long vacation and I will burst your bubble right now and tell you that nothing could be further from the truth.  Life is life, whether you live in a home or an RV and there will always be issues.  

That said, we are thoroughly enjoying most of our new experiences.  We have met some super people and have already seen a lot of the country that we wouldn’t have seen otherwise and that has been awesome.  

Hope you enjoy a little “kamping” with us!