New Orleans during Mardi Gras week

Well there has never been a dull moment in the Eimer family and I don’t know why that would stop now.  So far, this week two of our kids have gotten pets and one moved.  Brent bought a ticket to Florida to see the Falcon Heavy launch and we made it to New Orleans to help with a Habitat for Humanity build.

We met the coolest family from Quebec who are traveling the country in a converted school bus.  We boondocked for a second time with our favorite host, Jason, (and it doesn’t hurt that we stay in the parking lot of his amazing restaurant so days in Fairhope are no cooking days for me!)

I feel like I’m getting some traction in several areas of life. I started an Instagram account @organizedkamper. Starting to connect through Instagram with people who could be friends and it’s just encouraging to see pics from dozens of other people who are also full-time RVing.  I just got in touch with another family who is in New Orleans right now so maybe we will be able to meet.

I like it that different parts of the country have different specialties when it comes to food.  We did go a little crazy and bought crab legs four times while in Destin, but I may have met my match here with the King Cake.

I had never heard of them but apparently, it’s an Epiphany and/or Mardi Gras thing.  The definition I found online describes it as a cross between a coffee cake and a French pastry.  It’s decorated in royal colors of purple which signifies justice, green for faith and gold for power.  We bought one, but I couldn’t get past the sprinkles!

This is as far as we could get with the King Cake!

Here’s an interesting part of it though.  A plastic baby Jesus  gets baked into the cake and then the person who gets that piece is supposed to buy the next King Cake.  I feel like there’s a mixed metaphor in there somewhere but I’m trying not to overthink it!

Hoping to get to a parade while we are here.  Who doesn’t want Moon Pies thrown at them at least once in their life? 😊  I joke, but I think it’s cool that every place we have been has events that are special for them and that they are proud of.  Having spent the last eight years in Music City, I understand taking pride in where you live.

That’s it for now.  Have a great Sunday everyone!!

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