Truth in Advertising – Minimum Criteria for Resorts?

It’s funny the things you think about when you are on the road full-time.  Recently I found myself having a discussion with a vendor at the Tampa RV SuperShow.  He was representing an RV resort in South Haven, Michigan and I joked with him that his resort looked very nice but that we had stayed at some “resorts” that didn’t even deserve to be called “campgrounds.”  I even went so far as to suggest that there needed to be some government oversight in this matter.

I wasn’t serious (but maybe I should have been?) because it would be nice if there was a way to tell if something truly was a resort.  For example, the last “resort” we were at in Goodlettsville, TN had this view…

I support the bill that says if you can see or hear a train (or the interstate!) from your RV it’s NOT a resort!

and no amenities to speak of and now we are staying at a place in Destin that doesn’t bother to call itself a resort and it’s the nicest place we’ve ever been.

Anything with direct beach or mountain views qualifies automatically!

I guess this is what Google reviews are for and we do look at those but sometimes you are in the middle of nowhere and there aren’t tons of choices.  This is further complicated by the differences in the things people are looking for as I think a pretty spot with a view is a requirement for a resort experience, but others may want a pool and fishing or miniature golf.  And, it can be argued that some of the prettiest and nicest spots aren’t in resorts at all but in state or national parks.

As sometimes happens in these blogs, I’m not sure there’s a point to this but I feel better having got it off my chest! 😊

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