When Vertigo Becomes More Than a Hitchcock Movie

I used to think this was pretty!

I woke up yesterday feeling extremely strange.  I’ve never fainted before and have only been dizzy a handful of times associated with the flu but was so dizzy walking was difficult. It kept getting worse and by noon, I must confess, I was kind of panicking.  Whenever I took a step, I felt like I was in a bouncy house.

Brent is in Orlando this week, so I debated about driving myself to an Urgent Care Clinic but was scared I would pass out while driving. Long story short, I talked with a friend in Nashville and she made me promise to Uber.  This was a big concession for me because I can be stubborn and didn’t want to pay for a ride (and, more importantly, admit I needed help) but it was the right thing to do.  I didn’t want to be “that” person who causes a wreck because she’s stupid.

After an agonizing three hour wait, I did get a vertigo diagnosis.  The doctor tried to explain what was going on in my ear, but I didn’t hear anything past “No, there really isn’t a cure.  It just usually goes away on its own at some point.  Of course, it can reoccur at any time….”

Now, I know it’s not the world’s worst diagnosis, but it is sobering to wake up one day and everything is different.  I can’t exercise or play tennis or do anything that involves moving my head much.  This is day two and it is better than yesterday but still something that I’m aware of at any given moment.  I only feel “normal” when I’m sitting perfectly still.

I’m trying to look on the bright side and for me it’s that my plantar fasciitis doesn’t seem quite so horrible anymore!  I will keep you posted but if anyone has dealt with this and has any tips for me, I would be grateful for your advice.

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