You Are Every Move You Make – Part 2

I thought I was done with the previous blog but yesterday something weird happened.  I got a call from a woman who lived in my old neighborhood in Franklin…four years and three moves ago!  She asked if I still did organizing.  I told her about RVing and asked how she got my name as my website says I’m on a sabbatical and I’m not on the NAPO website anymore.

Are you ready for this?  Four years ago, I sent a Yikes mailing to my neighbors and she had saved my postcard all that time.  I felt like that mailing was a total failure as I never got a single client from it and then I get that call.

Her story was a sad one.  Her son passed away 18 months ago, and she was finally ready (her words) to sort through his things.  As I’m in Florida I couldn’t help her, but I have an organizing friend in Nashville who is very compassionate, and I gave this woman her number.

Could this woman have just looked up professional organizer in a Google search and found someone?  Of course, but I felt it was supposed to happen this way and she was supposed to be with my friend.

Also, given her situation, she might not have reached out to anyone else.  I felt she called me because of our neighborhood connection and she was obviously still struggling with her loss.

You are every move you make. Could my total failure from four years ago have had a hidden purpose?  I believe it did.  It seems like so often we hope or pray for something and aren’t sure if our prayers are answered and today was just a good reminder for me that God works in mysterious ways.

A friend who does traffic reports from a helicopter sent me this photo and it always makes me think of angels.


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