New Year’s Resolutions

I’ve never been a big resolution maker because I know myself well enough to know that I would break them all in the first two weeks anyway.

Still…if I did make some general ones, this is what they would be.

  • Worry less, enjoy things and people more
  • Continue looking for opportunities to bless people. Sometimes my best conversation of the day is with someone in the drive-through line at Chik-Fil-A. (Not sure if this is terribly sad or terribly profound but it’s true.)
  • Whine less. This is a continual challenge for me.  Every time I go on a rant about something (I’ve been sick for almost 3 weeks…woe is me) I hear about someone whose child is dying of cancer or whose friend was injured in a car wreck.
  • Worry less about what people think of me. Why is it so dang important that everyone think I’m awesome anyway?  This might be one of my most annoying traits.
  • Get outside my comfort zone more often to help people. For some reason, the homeless have been on my mind a lot.  Last summer, I bought a bunch of gift cards to fast food restaurants and started passing them out.  I know, it doesn’t solve the problem but at least I’m doing something.  I want to expand my horizons this year in this regard.
  • Be more grateful for what I have. My youngest son, Jordan, comes by this naturally.  From babyhood on, he always sees the best in things and people and his grateful heart continues to inspire and challenge me.

Now you know why I don’t make resolutions as all these things sound wonderful but are WAY harder to do than to write.  Still…if I’m conscious of them, maybe I will be more aware and hit the mark a little more often.

I just looked up the difference between a goal and a resolution and it’s this… a goal is something you keep in front of you every day.  A resolution is something you wish could happen to you.  I think I will stick with calling these resolutions and maybe next year I can make my way up to goals!!

The other day I wrote a New Years’ letter and it was a good reminder of the best things that happened in 2017.  So here they are in no particular order!

  • Jordan got married to Zoe, who is as sweet as they come.
  • Kaitlyn finished her internship and passed the test to become a registered dietitian.
  • Molly and Joel had their third child and first boy in June.
  • Ben got engaged to Rachel Hardt, so the family keeps expanding! They will get married in April.
  • Marta moved back to the Midwest (although probably not for long!) as she wants to study to become a Sommelier and move to Seattle.
  • Jon moved from Franklin to Fort Wayne and got a good job at Costco.
  • Brent and I started a whole new phase of life with our RV adventure, and although we’ve had some bumps along the way, it’s forcing us to reboot which I think is healthy and probably needed.

So….in keeping with number six in my first list I’m very grateful for all the blessings during this past year and want to wish you all a TOTALLY AWESOME 2018!  Thanks so much for coming along on this ride with us!


Tis the Season to Be… Sick and Tired

Hey Everyone!

It’s good to be back, kind of.  I got on the plane Saturday in Honolulu and felt fine and by the time we landed in Dallas seven hours later, had a horrible sore throat and was well on my way to losing my voice.  Now it’s Thursday and I’ve just spend some of the most miserable nights of my life this past week.  No over the counter drugs are working  and although I guess it’s just a bad sinus infection and cough, I also had chills and a slight fever for several nights so maybe it’s some evil mixture of the cold and flu.  Anyway, haven’t felt this awful in forever, which is the good news and the bad news all in one.

Brent has been amazing.  I’m sure he has been tempted to go to a hotel so he can get some well deserved rest but instead he has been getting me drugs and making me soup.  I’m sure there isn’t an inch of Fred that is germ free, but I’m hoping that he won’t get sick.  Actually, Brent did get the flu before I left for Hawaii so basically Fred is the poster RV for germ warfare right now.

And speaking of Fred, you know how some pets will rebel if left alone too long?  Well, think of Fred as one very big, very expensive pet.  When we were both gone last week, the temperature in Indiana dropped to 17 (windchill 4) and he promptly burst a pipe.  Then somehow our kitchen faucet also blew out.  So when I got back to Nashville, I was sick and miserable and Fred was totally without water… no toilet, shower or sink.  I know this is an exaggeration, but I couldn’t help but think of the Eagles song, Hotel California.  I had gone from heaven to hell in a matter of hours. 🙂

Yes, Hawaii was amazing and I learned how to kayak, to paddle board and rode in my first helicopter so I can knock several items off my bucket list.  After doing a cruise, I don’t know that I would necessarily recommend it in this instance, but it was an easy way to get to four different islands.  If I went back, I think I would spend my whole vacation on Maui, although Kauai was beautiful too.

View out of the helicopter in Kauai.

Waikiki beach was something of a disappointment.  Even in December it was super crowded and I thought Florida’s panhandle has prettier beaches.  But I did manage to snap this picture which I thought was pretty cool.

Notice the gigantic fish hanging off this guy’s backside.

I wanted to try surfing but the only day the waves were right (as in small enough!) was our last day and I didn’t want to be dragging wet stuff on the plane with me.  In hindsight, I maybe should have tried it.

Anyway, we are back and our next destination in Destin, Florida where we hope to spend the month of January.  Brent was kind enough to hook up Riley (our Jeep) and bring them both from Fort Wayne to Goodlettsville so now we have the freedom to zip to the grocery store or wherever without bringing Fred along.  I’m sure that will be a game changer for us.  It’s nice to be back in Nashville and to see friends and family again.

Oh, do you remember me whining a while back about the unholy alliance between RV parks and trains?  This is the view out of our door right now and these trains go by at least 12 times a day.  I swear, if there’s a train on the beach in Destin, I’m giving this whole thing up!