T Minus One Week and Counting

God willing and the creek don’t rise, in seven days my hubby and I will be off on what may prove to be the adventure of a lifetime as we pack up from Nashville and head out for an undetermined period in our new RV.

We are telling people we will be gone a year but, in reality, we may be home in two months and we may never come home again and I’m not placing any bets on which option wins. I THINK I will like it and I’m definitely ready to do something new. Five years ago, I started an organizing business and I’ve had fun with it and met a ton of amazing people but I need a new challenge. Since I’ve only been camping twice in my life and have never even gone anywhere in an RV, I think this qualifies.

Of course, with the internet you can get a ton of information but it’s kind of like giving birth…there is talking about it and there is doing it and I’m aware that we are total “newbies” in this world. Still, Brent and I both have a pretty good sense of humor and usually tell ourselves “if it’s funny later, it’s funny now.” Why do I think that maxim will be tested more than once? 😊

Anyway, we are kind of in that weird waiting period where you just need the thing to start. Because I’m an organizer I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time buying organizing products for our 32- foot Winnebago Minnie Winnie (Fred) and setting “him” all up. Now everything is in and settled except food and last-minute clothes and I was actually feeling pretty good about myself until yesterday when I looked up an article called something like “35 things full-timers need in their RV” and we had four of them! But I’m determined not to overbuy and some of those things (an inflatable kayak) seemed superfluous anyway. We will see.

I will be back once we get on the road. And don’t worry, I will attach pictures of my perfectly organized RV soon. LOL

Thanks for stopping by!